How To Optimize A Blog Post

On EcomBuffet’s Facebook Fan Page I asked what questions people had that they needed answers to.  I got a great question from my loyal follower Rich Epstein (check out his Rhode Island Real Estate Blog )

The question was:

For each blog post what should I do in the title, H1, H2 and post keywords to optimize SEO? Let’s say it’s a post about the interest rates falling this week.

So what Rich really wants to know about is…

SEO for Blog Posts

It’s a great question; how to optimize a Blog post is something I get a lot of questions about.

I’m going to start at the very beginning so everyone knows exactly what they need to do:

Once you’ve selected the topic (which should be something that is current, relevant and interesting to your readers), you want to do some keyword research to find the best phrases that are related to that topic.  Find phrases that people are currently searching for.  I usually focus on 1-3 keywords per post.

I like to start by writing the post and getting out all the important information that I need to share.  Be sure it’s compelling.

Tips For Good Blog Posts:

Don’t forget to include images and pay attention to formatting so it’s easy to read (and remember most people skim before they commit to really reading, so use sub-headlines and “attention-getters” throughout the post).  Remember to include a call to action so people know what the next step is.  (Those are just a couple of the general guidelines for “good Blog posts” that you should familiarize yourself with).

Once I’ve got the post written, I go back and edit to see if I can add some additional keywords in there.  Never keyword stuff.  Make sure your content uses the keywords well but most importantly, make sure it reads well for site visitors. (Tip: read the post out loud, if its keyword stuffed you’ll be able to hear it when you read it out loud).

Now assuming you’ve got a good Blog post in place now – it’s well written, well formatted, it has calls to action now you are ready to think about…

How To Optimize Your Blog Post:

I always bold at least one instance of the keyword phrases (don’t go overboard and bold too many, it really depends how long the post is how much bolding you can get away with).

I use the keyword phrases (or variations of the phrase) in my Categories and tags.

I use the keyword phrases in the Meta Title and Description tags.

Depending on the length and the format of the post, I will use an H1 and a couple H2s.

If it makes sense, I use a keyword phrase to link to a page on my site or another Blog post (didn’t do that on this one but normally I would).

I hope that helps ya Rich.  If not, lemme know what questions you still have.

To wrap things up, a couple notes about the SEO for this Blog post:

Note: the keywords I used in this Blog post are:
•    Good blog posts
•    seo for blog posts
•    how to optimize a blog post

You’ll notice I bolded them, I used them a few times in the copy, I used them in the Meta tags, tags and categories, and I used H tags.  I used a couple different variations of the phrases so they made sense within the copy.

OK, it’s late Sunday morning and I’ve been working for a few hours.  Off to go enjoy some sunshine now!  :)

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