Google Authorship Markup

Google Authorship MarkupThe other day, I admitted that Google+ was more relevant, now let’s start to delve into why:

You need a Google+ profile in order to implement the Authorship Markup.  You want to implement authorship markup.  Trust me, you do!

What is authorship Markup?

It is how Google displays author information in search results. It makes your listing more robust, because it includes a photo, your name and links to more content by you.  It’s a great way to make your listing stand out in the SERPs and get more exposure.

There are also indicators that your authorship markup may give you a boost in rankings.   While some say it doesn’t directly help, others say report an increase in rankings after implementing it.

Side note: there is talk that if you are looking to the right (towards the listing in the SERPs), it impacts results even more.  Play with different images and test the impact on click-throughs.

Your authorship markup also helps you build trust – wouldn’t you trust a nice smiling face next to a listing over one that has no imagery?  It establishes you as a real person in the often anonymous online world.

It also allows you to claim your name (you don’t want someone trying to steal your name!) and your content (you’ll be seen as the original and rightful owner of the content and won’t have to worry about a copy scraper outranking you).

OK, so now you know why you should do it.  Let’s get into the how now…

Google explains it best, so visit and you’ll see 2 options down at the bottom of the page.

Good luck and get going on this.

Stay tuned for more information about Google+ soon.



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