For the first time…

I never would have guessed that I would be writing this post but the time has come and I have to do it.  It’s a little painful to write and I ask that you not share it with my husband.  Let me explain.  This post can only start one way – and that is with me admitting I was wrong.  (Now you get it, that’s the part that Jesse can never hear)

So what was I wrong about?


I actively spoke out against Google+ and called it a waste of time.  When it first launched, I advised people not to waste their time with it.  I said it would never amount to anything.

I still think not wasting time on it back then was the right advice but the time is come that people need to spend time on it and it’s no longer a waste.

When Google tied their Local Pages to Google+ that was the first step to becoming relevant.  Then the publisher/authorship tags picked up momentum and actually started having a positive impact on results and people started actually clicking those darn +1 buttons.

So, the time has come, my friends, to get Google+ing.  (A little awkward, we’ll have to come up with a better verb there!)

Not sure what to do?  Stay tuned, I’ll be publishing some information on how to set up the author/publisher tags and also some ideas on how to network and drive traffic with Google+.

As always, if you want to discuss it directly with us, request a consultation and myself or one of my Business Growth Advisors can look at how Google+ can help your business.  Request your consultation here:

Side note:

An old pic showing my Leaf pride

An old pic showing my Leaf pride

It’s about 2:30 Pacific Time as I write this.  In about an hour and a half, the Toronto Maple Leafs play Game One of the playoffs.  I’m pretty excited; it’s been 9 years since the Leafs were in the playoffs.  I’m wearing a Leaf shirt, blue eye shadow and blue nail polish and I’ll probably break out the face stickers when the game starts.  :)  The Kings and Ducks are also in the playoffs, so I’m happy all around.  All my “hometown” teams are in.  That has no connection to the post I wrote, I just wanted to share my excitement!  :)  GO LEAFS!

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