Google Insights

crystal-ballI happened to pull out my crystal ball today and aside from predicting Canada is going to win Gold in Men’s and Women’s hockey this year at the Olympics, I also had an SEO insight.

The engines have been placing increased value on interaction or engagement from the audience.  They look at your bounce rate and time on the site, they look at CTR from the SERPs and they look at repeat visits, shares/likes etc.
They care about the user experience and they see that as the biggest determining factor in whether a site should rank well in the future.

Take my word for it (my crystal ball never lies).  Get to work on this, if you aren’t already!  Stay tuned for a more in-depth article with more info on this.

Aside from reveling in the anticipated Canadian victory, I’ve also been thinking about these amazing athletes and all they endure for their love of their sport.  Their focus and dedication and relentless effort.  They fall down and get back up.  They get injured and push through.  They hire trainers and experts to coach them.  They are all in.  1000% committed to their craft and to that end result: An Olympic medal.

It makes me look at my own life and ask what I’ve been that committed to.  Have I ever been so driven by a desire to succeed and win it all?  Quite honestly, I was surprised that the answer would have been no until recently.  Don’t get me wrong, I have hobbies and I’ve always loved my work.  But I’ve never said “I’m 1000% in.  No excuses, just results” – until very recently.  Guess when it was?

You got it – when I launched my membership program.  It combines everything I love about my work: knowledge, creativity, strategy, working with people and helping people.

It was pretty exciting to realize that and it made me wonder if I should start a little Biz Olympics for my members and have them compete – not for a medal – but for themselves!  For the glory of know they went for it totally.  I have to say, knowing this group, they would rise to the challenge.

What about you?  What if I asked you today to declare today, right now, that you are “all in” and are prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed?  Do you care about your success enough?  Are you passionate about your business enough?

Think about it.  I guarantee you’ll spend an interesting few minutes thinking at the minimum and maybe even more than that – maybe you will walk away with a new hunger to succeed.

Speaking of my membership program, the price goes up this Friday.  No joke, no exceptions.  Ready to jump on board and lock in the lowest price?


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