Holiday Marketing 2013

bowThe holiday shopping season is in full swing!  But it’s never too late to try some last minute strategies to ramp up business.

Here is a classic “Jenn Brain Dump” – I’m just going to share all my ideas.  Take the ones that work for you and get them going!  People are still shopping (I haven’t started yet!).  Please comment and share your own ideas and strategies.

  • Make your site a helpful resource for customers and they are more likely to buy from you. Post checklists that may help them or gift suggestions, or product usage and care instructions.  You may want to consider a PDF shopping list template that they can print and fill out or a holiday greeting card list template.  People love stuff that helps them get organized and people love stuff that is free.  Here are some samples of checklists you could create: If you are in the food or cookware or dishes etc industry – create a holiday meal checklist.  Offer them a 2014 resolutions and goals checklist if you are in accounting, or fitness/weight loss.  Offer them a holiday party guide if you are in the entertainment industry.  Or you could write about any holiday traditions/recipes/events related to your product or service (ex: you sell dishes, write posts about holiday meal traditions, feature recipes and have various products and specials featured).  Once this wonderful content is created be sure you spread it around on all of your social media profiles (and don’t forget Instagram and Pinterest with some cool photos).  You can also send a mailing to your list and let your subscribers know there are new resources for them.
  • Create Urgency.  People often comparison shop so you want to give them a reason to commit to buying now, rather than later. Offer a limited time discount, or free shipping or a free item with purchase. Get creative with what you offer and use a date/time script that shows when the offer expires.
  • Suggest related products! Amazon and many of the other large online retailers are great at letting you know what other products would be of interest to you given the item you just added to your cart.  It’s a great way to get people to spend more money.
  • When you walk into a store, you get the benefit of a sales clerk there to offer suggestions and guide you to various products.  Create web copy that does that for you.  Choose certain items and mark them as “Staff Favorite” or “Most Popular” or “Perfect For New Moms” or “Great Gift For Dad”.  Have a little fun and get creative with suggestions.  It draws their eye to the products and it makes them feel like they are having a more personalized experience.   You can also share product reviews or experiences with the product (or tips on how to use the product).
  • Give back! People like to support charities and they like to support companies that do the same.  Let people know a portion of proceeds are going to a charity.
  • Run a holiday content.  Contests are a proven technique to gain attention. You can get creative and come up with a really fun contest and then spread the word via social media.  Off the top of my head, a few ideas are: Caption a photo – everyone loves to do this.  Create a scavenger hunt on your site – hide an image somewhere on the site and have people browse the site to find it.  The first person to tweet the URL with a hashtag you come up with wins!  Have people share stories of their experiences with your product or service, the best one wins.  Have people post photos of them using your product – silliest/cutest/craziest one wins.  There is so much you can do.  Get really creative.
  • Increase your social media activity.  I’ve already suggested that you use social media in various ways with my other suggestions.   But sometimes you just want to reach out and ask followers if they have questions, offer support/customer service help, announce sales etc.
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly and if it’s not, get on that really quickly.
  • Sell Gift Certificates.  People who don’t know what to get often choose gift certificates.  You are almost certainly missing out revenue if you aren’t offering this as an option to people.
  • Jazz up your site and your social media profiles with fun holiday images, to help people get in the spirit.
  • Clearly state your return policy and shipping rates.  You don’t want people not buying because they are concerned about details like that.  Lay it all out there for people to easily check out.
  • Hold a Google+ Hangout and chat with your customers about any questions they have.
  • Get a guest Blogger that is well known in your industry to contribute special content and then promote it like crazy to get extra eyes to your site.
  • Set up a joint venture with someone that sells a complementary service.  You can cross promote each other’s products to your lists.

I’ve given you some ideas to get started.  Get to work! J




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