SEO Questions (and answers)

I promised I would work my way through questions I’ve received via email. This one is from Stuart at

1). What are the most important SEO to get correct, for a novice? Is it TITLE, KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION tags?
Your tags are important, but it’s also important to be sure the code is clean and there is unique, quality content on the site that uses your keywords well (and that doesn’t mean stuffing them into your text – it has to read well). SEO is about doing a variety of things well, so I really can’t assign you one specific thing to focus on.

2). Done no.1, so what else can I do to keep on top of SEO, doing it DIY?
Make sure you stay current on industry news. Buy my book (LOL) – Keep adding content, get active on social media.

3). Press releases, what is the best software to use for multiple PR releases, to get good http: links to my web site?
Press releases are only valuable if you have something really newsworthy. Tons of press releases just to earn links clutters the space and devalues the whole practice. So be sure you have quality writing and newsworthy topics. I don’t know a lot about this area, I only use PR Web. Not sure what else is out there that may be good. Wow, I guess it turns out I don’t know everything. My husband will be happy to hear this!

4). How many people have visited my site? What is the best software to notify me of who, when and how visited my site? Is it Google Analytics? As I have heard this can be 20% accurate?!
I personally like Analytics, it’s easy to use and has great data in an organized way. No stats program is going to be 100% accurate. Of the free ones, Analytics is best. There are many paid ones and some may be worth the cost, some not so much BUT I would say put your money to use elsewhere and go with Analytics. It’s going to meet most people’s needs just fine.

Thanks for the questions Stuart.

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