Spring Cleaning?

SPRINGSpring has sprung!  Although I spent a week in Washington DC that ended with a few inches of snow and no cherry blossoms along the tidal basin yet, so it didn’t feel very springy to me!

Spring is a time of new growth.  People get the spring cleaning bug.  Please feel antsy and restless and want to get outside and move around.  Spring is a great time of year.

It’s also the perfect time to review your marketing strategy and see if you are on track to reach your goals for the year.

If you aren’t sure you are going to reach your goals, you still have time to ramp things up.  Start by a free consultation to determine what areas you are lacking and where you need to focus on to create growth.  Request your free consultation here: http://www.ecombuffet.com/Consultation-request.htm

And in the spirit of focusing on growth and on cleaning out the cobwebs and freshening things up, I wanted to share a few tips with you today.  These are a random collection of tips to help site owners, so read through them and take what you will from them!

For ecommerce site owners: are your product descriptions unique or are you using descriptions from the manufacturer?  If they aren’t unique, now is the time to get to work and get them done.  It may be a big project but you can always break it into baby steps and just do a few a day.

Are you using Google’s author/publisher tags?  You can increase click-through rates by including the author tag and seeing their picture appear in the SERPs

Check conversion rates in Google Analytics for different browser types. If there are errors on some browsers you could be losing qualified traffic.  It’s definitely a good idea to do cross-browser testing.

When in doubt: Quality content will protect you against algorithm updates.

Consider using  ‘what’ ‘need’ and ‘how’ keywords – it’s a great way to find new and longtail phrases.

Google MUST be able to associate your website with your location for your site to appear in local results, so ensure your address is on your site and in your Google page.

TinEye.com reverse image search will help you track down who’s using your images.  Once you find the offenders, reach out and ask for a link in exchange for use of the image.

Use FollowerWonk to find out what your influencers are interested in.

Use tweetarchivist.com to find linking opportunities.

Don’t overlook your geotargeting setting! 25% of sites have the wrong geotargeting setting, according to Google.

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