– – – – – Is Not A Dirty Word!

I recently received 2 emails that really stood out for me.  Tony  asked why I’ve increased the frequency of my emails to my list lately and then James asked if I thought that email marketing would be bad for them and hurt their reputation.

Both good questions and both got me thinking and as always, I found a lesson in there that I think will help you.  :)

The answer to the first question is because I am not afraid to. I have a new program that I believe so strongly in and I want to make sure people know so they can take advantage of it.  The best way I can do that is to put it in front of people  in different ways at different times and share info that I think will help them make a decision about whether this program is for them or not.

To be totally blunt, I have 2 goals with my mailing list: one is to share info and educate people and the second is to sell my services.

Somewhere along the way, people developed the impression that selling is a bad thing and should be limited.  Why?  What’s wrong with selling?

The truth is, if you have something that you know is good and you know it will solve the exact problems that people have – why would you not put it out there?

My role is to share information with my readers – sometimes that information is a tip or article and sometimes it is the details on a program I am offering.

I believe in my knowledge, my ability and I have proven results to back up my claims.  So there is no part of me that feels bad about educating people about my program and yes <gasp> trying to sell the program.  :)

I want you all to feel the same way.  If you’ve worked hard to show people how much you know and what you offer, then there is no reason you shouldn’t also sell them on your products or services.  After all, if you aren’t in business because you were afraid to sell too much, you aren’t going to be a resource and source of information for people anymore.

This really covers the answer to the second question as well.

profanityEmail marketing is not bad. Sales is not a dirty word.  Just make sure you are authentic and honest, make sure you offer value and make sure you can back up every single claim you make in your sales message and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

People are busy, there are so many shiny objects out there clamoring for your attention.   I want to make my voice heard above that noise because I know I have the solution you need.  You should feel the same.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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