Facebook Changes

You’ve probably seen this text on your Fan Page recently:

Introducing the Like button
Starting today people will be able to connect with your Page by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.” We hope this action will feel much more lightweight, and that it will increase the number of connections made across the site.

I don’t personally think this change will make much difference.  Whether you like something or are a fan of something is pretty much the same thing.  We’ll see what happens!

What do you think?

Another change…Connections

In Facebook’s words, here is what a connection is:

Connections include the people and Pages you’re connected to on Facebook. Making connections is the main way to express yourself on your profile. Facebook enables you to connect with virtually anyone or anything, from your friends and family to the city you live in to your favorite bands and movies.

How does connecting your interests to Pages affect the content on your profile?  Facebook says:

With the introduction of Community Pages, connecting to Pages will now be the main way to express yourself on your profile. If you have previously filled out fields for current city, hometown, education, work and interests, then you will have the opportunity to connect to Pages that we’ve matched to the information you’ve filled out. No new connections will be made on your behalf and sections of your profile where you don’t want to make any connections will be empty. You will always have the opportunity to build out your profile later by clicking “Edit My Profile” underneath your profile picture or by Liking the Pages that interest you.

What are Community Pages?

Community Pages are a new type of Page that enable you to see what people are saying about the things that matter to you, and discover the friends and people who share these connections with you. They are similar to any other Page to which you can connect, although they won’t generate stories in your News Feed, and won’t be maintained by a single author. Where available, they also show Wikipedia content for the relevant topic, which Facebook has licensed under the creative commons license.

We think your experience on Facebook will improve as your profile is turned into a living map of all the connections that matter to you, instead of a static list of your interests.

How did you choose which Pages to suggest to me?

The suggested Pages—some official, such as Facebook, and some Community, such as cooking—are entirely based on what you previously entered in your profile. We’ve created more than six million Community Pages, but if there isn’t a match for something you’ve typed into your profile, we’ll simply create a Community Page for that topic.

I’ll be playing with this and keep you updated on my thoughts!

For all the details right from Facebook, check this out:

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