I kinda broke my own rules here, my headline really should have a lot more pizzazz…BUT the truth is what I’m offering is so compelling that I don’t need to go crazy with the copy.  You know me and you know the value I bring, so I’m just going to tell it like it is and let you decide if it’s right for you.

If you need more traffic to your site, then you can't ignore SEO or social media. It's not SEO OR social media anymore. It's SEO AND social media. You need both.

But... do you really know how to use SEO and social media together to boost qualified traffic to your site? Do you need help pulling it all together so you see actual traffic and sales?

I think I just might have the solution for you!

Social media and SEO combined are a powerful one-two punch that most business owners are having trouble mastering. 

Social media and SEO when combined effectively produce more traffic and exposure (which means more leads and sales). More sales means less financial worry, more room to enjoy life and the peace of mind of knowing that your family is taken care of.  You probably started your online business for those exact reasons. ☺

Every day I hear stories about money lost by marketing, SEO and social media firms that didn’t deliver on their promises.  In a best case scenario, you are just out the money you paid.  In a worst case scenario they’ve actually hurt your site, your reputation and your brand. 

It’s time to take control of your own results. 

  • Spend less.
  • Maintain 100% control.
  • Tap into your own passion and knowledge about your products/services to boost sales.
  • With my guidance, you will understand (not just memorize a set of action items) every last detail that the experts use today to drive qualified traffic to their site.

It’s the perfect solution. 

Make SEO and social media work for you by YOU taking control of it!

You need to learn how. Anyone can follow instructions and implement a campaign that someone else outlines.  You need to learn why social media works when done properly.  Discover what really works, in the real world, for small businesses just like you.

When you understand what works and why, you’ll be able to implement campaigns that drive traffic and sales all by yourself.  Without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars each month to a “social media manager”.

You know me, you’ve been reading my emails and newsletters.  You may have exchanged emails with me or heard me speak on a conference call.  You know my reputation and longevity in this industry and you know the value I offer.

You also know that I’ve never before opened the curtains and let a group in behind the scenes.  But I am now.

I see people focus on growing large numbers of followers and on creating instruction sheets for their clients  to follow by rote.  Not me.  I am focusing on educating you on what works, why it works and how to make it work for you.  It’s the quickest path to real results (and I don’t mean inflated, meaningless numbers that boost your ego and not your bottom line).

Recently I mentioned that I was launching this new program and someone said “Jenn, make sure you give them enough but not too much.”  Well I can tell you now; I plan to give you everything.

Not sure if social media is worth your time? Consider this:

  • There are 575 likes and 81 comments every second
  • 53% of people recommend products in their tweets
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations (only 14% trust advertisements)
  • 67% of customers will like a Facebook page to save 25% or more
  • 74% of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after investing just 6 hours per week on social media

Do you want to grow your business where all the action is happening or do you want to sit back and see “how things go”?

You guys know me, I make bad jokes, I share good info and I tell you what I honestly think will help and hurt you.  I don’t get all caught up in hype.  I never promote the latest “product launch” by the big “gurus” and I don’t spew sales crap.  But I do get really excited about good ideas and I really think this is a good idea for YOU.

I get so many emails from people saying they wish they had the budget to work with me.  Well my friends, the time is here and now.  ☺

Most people focus on the exact wrong things.  I’m going to change that and you will learn how to get results.

So what exactly do you get and how much is it going to cost? 

You’ll become a member of a small group of serious business owners that work directly with me (and special guest speakers) as we delve into the specific details of SEO and social media that you need to know to get results (and by results I mean increased traffic, leads and sales which equals increased revenue).

In this membership program you will learn the fundamentals to build your social media and SEO campaign successfully.  You will learn specific strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+, Blogging (and learn how to tie it all to your SEO).


  • Create an action plan to repeatedly reach out to potential customers and build trust and establish credibility. 
  • Discover how to turn an interested Twitter follower into a paying customer.


  • Learn the secret to getting people to visit your Facebook page regularly
  • Learn how to take them from your Fan Page to your shopping cart in one easy step


  • Engage fans with imagery that compels them to visit your site
  • Monetize the hottest new trend online (that most people are still floundering to succeed on)


  • Discover how to make your voice stand out among all the other noise on LinkedIn
  • Create new relationships and generate leads that will keep your pipeline full


  • Learn what really matters to the engines and how to create a strategy that uses social media to get your site ranked on top.

We’ll also dive into YouTube, Google+, Squidoo and more.

You will get phone calls, roadmaps, blueprints, checklists and other written material to guide you through your action plan from start to success.  You will have a full understanding of why the strategies work and how to personalize them for your industry and business.

Here are just some of the things you can count on us covering:

  • An Audit: Discover where you stand now and what specifically you need to do to ramp things up.
  • Strategy:  You'll have defined goals and a specific strategy to accomplish your goals.  Just some of the areas that we cover in the strategy: content, promotion, reach, engagement, conversion, tracking and growth.
  • Personality, Pizzazz and Buzz: Learn to create content people will pay attention to.
  • Content: Discover how to get the most out of every piece of content you create. 
  • Conversions: The goal is to increase your bottom line so we need to learn how to track what is and isn’t working and continually increase conversions.
  • Automation training: Learn how to use tools to decrease your work load and get more done in less time.
  • And More. 

Here’s how it will play out:

There will be one live call per month as well as one Google Hangout or Facebook chat per month.  The live calls will be recorded and archived in the membership area for you to access.  Sometimes it’ll just be audio and sometimes it’ll be a screenshare webinar.

You will also receive written materials and have the chance to ask questions.

We’ll start with broader overviews and very quickly move into specific and detailed strategy for your business.

If you participate live, you will have more interaction and opportunity to ask questions, but I understand that isn’t always possible, that is why the audio/video will always be made available within 2 days of the event.

I am willing to accept 50 members initially.  It will be first come, first served.


  1. You must have a live website already.
  2. You must have your own product or service that you sell.
  3. You must be willing to really commit to your own success.

The membership is month to month, you are free to cancel any time before the next billing

The cost is only $77 per month.  This is a special, introductory price that I am offering as I kick off this program for you. The price will almost certainly go up, and I guarantee you it will never go down, so I encourage you to take advantage of it now.  It really is an unbelievable deal for the hands on, detailed instruction you are going to get, and remember, you can cancel anytime.

Are you ready to master social media and use it to grow traffic and sales?  Do you want to work with me and learn exactly what to do, how to do it and most importantly why you are doing it?

Let’s get started now!

Happy Client

"We are so busy at the moment with the WWS site, with your help that site is seeing a 30% increase in sales this year. Really amazing and we are having trouble keeping up!"

Amanda, Wholesale Wedding Superstore