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"Confused and Scared About what Panda and Penguin Will Do To Your Rankings and Traffic?"

"Discover What The Pros Know - Maintain or Take Back Your Rankings and Traffic While Your Competitors Free Fall in Panic, Not Knowing What Hit Them!"

Algorithms are complex formulas that the search engines use to determine where sites should rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). There are multiple factors considered in the algorithms. Rather than trying to turn you into a techno-geek, let me just break this down simply.

You want top rankings. You don't want to be penalized by Panda or Penguin and you want some assurance that your site will do well long term.

Getting ranked in the engines has always been hard work BUT with Google's introduction of Panda and Penguin - it's become like navigating a landmine. You can't over-optimize, you can't under-optimize. What you did years ago that was OK then could be coming back to hurt you now. It's a volatile climate right now and the sites that are hurt by Panda and Penguin are feeling the pain - lost rankings and traffic - which means lost sales.

There is a solution. An in-depth review of your foundational on-page optimization and links can help quickly catch issues and get them fixed. Whether you've lost rankings and need to get them back or you just want to protect what you have - you need to be sure that your site is compliant AND aggressive in it's optimization.

Your foundation is important to your future success and with all the recent changes, it's become even more important that you get it right. For just a minute, let's go back to the days of playing with toy blocks. Do you remember trying to build something and see how high you could make it? Without a solid foundation your structure would topple quickly.

Did you ever try to build a house of cards? Your strategy as the house grew more complex was very important - but none of it mattered without a solid foundation.

That is what we are talking about here - creating a solid foundation to grow your search engine rankings on.

Now, think of the foundation of a house - you would never buy a house because of the foundation - it's the look and feel of the house that sells it. However you may not buy a house because of the foundation - if it wasn't solid. Because when you think about it you realize the foundation IS in fact vitally important.

The foundation of an SEO campaign is often overlooked, not talked about, not understood - basically just flat out ignored.

To get top rankings and have long term SEO success, you simply cannot ignore the foundation of your campaign. This includes on-page optimization AND links.

Did you know that there is one mistake - that is easily fixed -
that could cost you rankings if you overlook it?

To make sure you have a solid SEO foundation and to determine if you have any problems links that could be hurting you with Google, you need an SEO Audit and a Link Audit - because without one you are flying blind. You don't know if your site has the proper foundation and you don't know if you can actually benefit from SEO (most SEO Firms don't tell you this - but not everyone benefits from SEO!) and you don't know if you are making the Panda and Penguin unhappy.

Before you do anything else you need to find out:

  • Is your site making the number one mistake many sites make? (Hint: Size does matter)
  • Are you losing rankings and traffic because of simple issues that could be corrected?
  • Are you missing an important element that could boost your rankings?
  • The truth about the foundation of your site and what it means for your SEO success…or failure!
  • The reality of your link profile and what you can do to fix it (as well as advice about to proceed with links in the future)

We are offering a comprehensive SEO Audit and/or Link Audit to give you the answers you need. This is not a computer generated cookie cutter report. A real live SEO technician will review your site and/or links and we send you a custom detailed report on the foundation of your site.

The SEO Audit will:

  • Identify all the SEO problems within the foundation of your site - along with the solutions to the problems.
  • Help you determine if you are a candidate for a successful SEO campaign - which means we will tell you if you can realistically expect real results.
  • What traffic you can expect to tap into with an SEO campaign.
  • Evaluate your marketing foundation - we will identify the biggest marketing mistake your site is making and provide a solution.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: A consultation with the Director of Marketing to review the report and answer any questions you have.

The Link Audit will:

  • Define your link profile and point out all the problem areas.
  • Guide you in correcting any problems identified.
  • Give solid advice on link building going forward.

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"From Zero to 238 in 60 seconds!" OK, so it wasn't seconds, but it was a matter of only a few weeks

Let me explain.

Happy Limo considered hiring a Search Engine Optimization firm on a number of occasions. They knew they could benefit tremendously from top targeted rankings, but they felt a great deal of reluctance so they did not move forward.

After several months went by they finally accepted the fact that if things were going to change for the better they had to take action!

To say that they came to us with much skepticism would be an understatement. And this skepticism only got bigger when right off the bat we raised a key point that they saw as a road block - that their site needed work to be SEO friendly.

But after a bit of education they understood that this was not in fact a road block, but a chance to change their site and maximize the benefits of their search engine campaign.

Once the changes were complete, and their site was fully SEO friendly - we started submitting their site. Their emails to us tell the rest of the story.

"I was a little skeptical when I initially signed on with your company, I am glad to say that you have made a believer out of me. The service so far has been nothing but professional and the results on the engines have been amazing! You guys really know what you are doing."
Ron Shahid

"....and by the way, you guys have done an excellent job so far with Happy Limo rankings. Happy Limo has never been rated so high on the engines before."

Current status: With so much success and so many top rankings, Ron was excited to be able to bring his SEO maintenance in-house after a couple of years of working with us. Way to go Ron!

P.S. Don't waste time or let fear hold you back. You need to know the truth about your site and where it stands - because without that information you can't create your foundation and work towards growth.

Order your SEO Audit for only $107 now

Order your Link Audit for only $197 now

Order BOTH the SEO and Link Audit now and save - only $284

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Google makes over 500 changes a year to their algorithm (on average). Staying current and making sure your site is optimized for TODAY'S standards is crucial if you want to hold on to your rankings long term.

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is necessary in today's competitive internet world. The engines need to be able to clearly identify the theme of your site and the relevant keywords and phrases. Optimization helps ensure the code is clean and spiderable and helps convey the theme and phrases to the engines. SEO also covers "off-page" factors like link building and social media.